Dear Coinish readers, Christmas is here!

On this holiday season we wanted to do a special post that will explain everything we’ve done so far with the site and also to announce some changes in our main pages and on our blog. In these past few months we have completely re-branded our site and we hope that by the time next year arrives we will be able to advance even further and spread bitcoin knowledge to an even greater audience.


We’ve updated the bitcoin mining calculator to better show your results based on the hardware you have and also completely redesigned the page for your convenience. You should also check out our bitcoin mining hardware page, we’ve added many new great items for you to get the best results and the best bang for the buck. This is just the start of a completely renovated Coinish, from now on we will be posting a weekly news article regarding bitcoin. In which we will be discussing myths revolving around bitcoin, where is bitcoin legal and illegal, is it worth to invest in bitcoin right now and our predictions regarding the rise or fall of the bitcoin currency.

So on that note we would like to wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year, may we all get our fair share of this wonderful digital currency called bitcoin and let us mine it by the thousands.


And just for laughs, here is a funny video of another fellow bitcoiner celebrating Christmas 2014 with bitcoin carrels: