Ah, betting with bitcoin, the internet’s favorite past time. Well no, not really, but it’s still something really cool that you can do in your free time and might even just earn yourself some money.
Betting with bitcoin is just like any other form of online betting. There are many sites that offer various game such as poker, black jack, slots, roulette, etc.

The only difference is here, you bet and earn with bitcoins.
If you want to see some people playing for bitcoin on online betting sites, you should definitely check out this video:

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It’s a guy who’s streaming live and playing online slots using bitcoin, until one crazy moment in the middle of the video he wins the biggest jackpot and wins 7 bitcoin, a very serious amount of cash.
This can be you, you can check out a bunch of casinos that accept bitcoin here, you should definitely be careful though and only use those that you’ve read good reviews about and you are certain that the casino is trustworthy and that you’ll be able to cash in if you win.
Also make sure to read the fine print because sometimes the casino allows cashing in only after you’ve reached a certain amount of bitcoin. So be careful with that, and make sure not to lost all of the money you’ve earned before cashing in!
But if you’re not interested in risking your money, you should definitely take a look at our bitcoin mining hardware and earn your money the maybe a bit hard, but definitely reliable way.