So is it possible to live on bitcoin?

The most important question of all, is bitcoin just a gimmick that you might earn a little side income with or is it really a valid option to make a living?
On this we shall answer in this article by showing you a few examples of people who managed to not only make a living with bitcoin, but actually made so much bitcoin that they became rich beyond their wildest dreams.

A terrific example of this you can find in this article on the guardian.
A man from Norway, Kristoffer Koch purchased 5000 bitcoins for the overall price of 27$ back in 2009, forgot about them, and now they are worth almost a million dollars. Now that’s what I call enough saved up for a rainy day.

But that was just an accident. There are plenty of people who worked hard and mined bitcoins and invested in it to get rich, you can find out more about them in this Bloomberg article.

In the end I think we’ve established that it’s perfectly reasonable to make a living off bitcoin, especially if you learn about the business, work hard and use the right bitcoin mining hardware, you are definitely on the right track to achieving success and wealth.

To see how much exactly you’ll earn you can check out our bitcoin mining calculator.

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