Should you invest in bitcoin, one of the most important questions there is.
In this article we will try to provide an answer for you, however know that this is a question of personal opinion and it’s entirely up to you if to risk your money in this endeavor or not.
I can tell you from personal experience, that in 2010 when bitcoin was just getting started, I kept hearing about it from a close friend of mine who had started to invest in it and also practiced bitcoin mining. He didn’t have our bitcoin mining calculator back then to count how much money he made. But I can definitely say that he made quite a lot and he offered to me plenty of times to get in on the action and invest some money in the new digital currency called bitcoin.
I was very hesitant since I never invested in anything but I bought a small amount of bitcoins and I can definitely tell you that it paid off well, but more importantly it opened my eyes to bitcoin and I’m interested in it ever since. Less about investing but a lot more in bitcoin mining since that is a true long term investment in bitcoin, instead of just purchasing it like stocks.
We at Coinish believe that this is the most viable option and that is what we promote here, we hope that this article helped you out, and if you’re interested you can have a look at our bitcoin hardware.

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