Bitcoin wallet: Will my transaction be private if I pay for a food kit?

Asked 4 months ago

Good evening guys, I am someone who loves to order food kits from Blue Apron and I am really keen to try out buying them with the crypto I have accumulated, instead of using dollars. I want to pay directly from my Bitcoin wallet, but there's a hiccup: I've always been very cautious about giving out my details and even more so when it comes to Bitcoin transactions because there are so many frauds and hackers out there. How do I know if my transaction will be secure and inaccessible to an outsider? Thanks!

Stacy Munoz

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

No, your transactions won’t be private if you pay for a food kit. These transactions are public, traceable, and stored permanently in the Bitcoin network. However, you can keep your transactions anonymous by purchasing your crypto from a non-KYC exchange, paying from an anonymous wallet, and using a VPN to hide your IP.

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