Can I avoid paying middleman fees if I pay for my rent using Bitcoin?

Asked 4 months ago

Paying rent from one bank account to a different bank account always leads to bank transfer fees. Would it be possible to cut out the middleman and avoid these charges if I were to pay my landlord directly using Bitcoin? I'm aware that I would need some sort of a Bitcoin payment gateway to exchange the crypto, but surely they wont be as expensive as an EFT? Although, if I could avoid the fees entirely I would.

Aryan Becker

Saturday, October 08, 2022

If your landlord accepts BTC directly, then it's probably the cheapest way to pay for rent. However, if you need to use a payment gateway, then you'll have to pay some fees. Keep in mind, though, that these fees are much lower than what you'd have traditionally with an intermediary, like a bank. They're usually at about 1-2%, which is quite low.

You can also consider getting a Bitcoin debit card and making a bank transfer, if your card provider allows it. That's also quite cheap, probably the cheapest option of the two.

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