Can I use a bitcoin debit card to buy Xbox controllers?

Asked 4 months ago

Yo guys, I want to buy 2 extra controllers from Xbox for my series X through my Microsoft account, my only issue is that they're fairly expensive. I have built up quite a bit of crypto through trading as a hobby and I was thinking of applying for a Bitcoin debit card and paying for Xbox controllers with that. Do you think it would be possible?

Stacy Munoz

Thursday, October 06, 2022

Yes, you can definitely buy your missing controllers with crypto. Officially, the Xbox website doesn't accept crypto payments directly, though you can use a gift card from a site like BitRefills or CoinsBee. On these platforms, you can use your Bitcoin and get a gift card, which you'll later use to purchase the controllers.

As you already know, you can also use a Bitcoin debit card. For some, that's an easier way to spend crypto, while others prefer to buy gift cards and spend it indirectly. Go with whichever option suits you more.

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