Do food delivery services accept crypto as a form of payment?

Asked 8 months ago

Since lockdown I've pretty much gotten used to ordering food through delivery services like Uber Eats. Do food delivery services like Uber Eats accept crypto as a form of payment?

Ismael Mccullough

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

In short, yes – but not all of them.

The main food delivery services that accept cryptocurrency payments are Menufy and Takeaway (EU).

However, you may also buy UberEats and DoorDash gift cards with crypto through the BitPay app or Extension.

For starters, it’s more convenient than traditional methods like cash or cards. Plus, it’s fast and secure – two important things when you’re ordering food delivery.

And last but not least, paying with crypto can help you get discounts and rewards from certain food delivery services. So if you’re looking to pay for your next meal with cryptocurrency, check out the options above. Bon appetit!

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