Do insurance policies accept Bitcoin VISA cards for liability coverage?

Asked 6 months ago

Hi, I own a restaurant that has started becoming very boisterous and lively at night. While I do have security that intervenes if things get aggressive, I'm worried that someone gets hurt and holds me and the company liable for their injuries. Therefore, I've been looking at taking out a liability coverage. I've also added the option for customers to pay with Bitcoin and this has also seemed to start gaining popularity. Consequently, I've registered for a Bitcoin VISA card that pays for anything business related. Any idea whether it would be possible for me to use the BTC o pay for insurance?

Michael Marquez

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Insurance policies do accept Bitcoin VISA cards for liability coverage. They provide indemnity against losses resulting from Bitcoin theft. A crime insurance policy compensates you for the loss of Bitcoin stored in your Bitcoin wallet. Fraud and theft are common challenges facing the digital world where the Bitcoin industry operates from.

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