What is the role of intermediaries in the agriculture sector?

Asked 8 months ago

We talk about blockchain as being able to cut out the roles of middlemen and intermediaries. Since blockchain has extended to the agriculture sector, what is the role of intermediaries in the agriculture sector?

Earle Murray

Sunday, June 12, 2022

In many developing countries, intermediaries control the agricultural market system, often exploiting producers and consumers.

These intermediaries typically buy produce from farmers at low prices, and then sell it to retailers or wholesalers at much higher prices. As a result, farmers are often paid far below the market value for their crops, while consumers are forced to pay inflated prices.

This exploitation hurts both groups of people and stifles economic growth in developing countries. Reforms would help to level the playing field and give more power to producers and consumers by increasing transparency and competition within the agricultural sector.

These measures would help to improve the lives of farmers and consumers alike and promote sustainable economic development in developing countries.

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