Which hotel chains accept crypto payments?

Asked 8 months ago

My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon! We are very excited to begin planning all the things we're going to do together, as well as where we will stay, eat, and make memories. We are currently focusing on accommodation. Please can someone tell me which hotel chains accept crypto as a form of payment? Thanks!

Chaim Rodriguez

Sunday, July 31, 2022

As of July 2022, there is an ever-increase number of hotel chains that accept crypto payments. I'd personally recommend choosing between the following ones:

  • The D Hotel Chain in Las Vegas, if you want to have a really fun honeymoon,
  • The Beaver Creek Lodge in Colorado, for a more relaxed time,
  • The Grand Bohemian Hotel Chain which you can find in 5-6 states,
  • The Chedi Andermatt in the heights of the Swiss Alps, if you plan on going to Europe.

Even if the hotel you want to go to doesn't accept direct crypto deposits, you can still process the payment using a crypto debit card. Consider getting one from a crypto debit card provider, move your assets to the wallet, and use the card that spends your crypto.

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