Will I get a virtual Mastercard if I use Bitpay for a bitcoin wallet?

Asked 4 months ago

Hi Do you know how a banking app allows you to pay with a virtual debit card on your phone? I would love to have the same kind of access with my crypto. I learned that I could use Bitpay as a place to store my crypto and use it to order food deliveries or shop online. I would, however, prefer to maintain my privacy and tap a card, rather than giving out my details. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

Ismael Mccullough

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Yes, you’ll get a virtual Mastercard if you use Bitpay for a Bitcoin wallet. The process is simple and takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Your virtual Mastercard debit will be ready once approved, and you can use it instantly. The physical one is delivered to your door if you prefer so.

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