Can I pay for my gym membership using crypto?

Asked 2 months ago

Hi. I live in the US and have heard through a friend that certain gyms in New York are starting to accept crypto as a payment method for memberships. Since I am using crypto as a payment method for a lot of my expenses already, I am keen to join a gym where I can pay for my membership this way. Does anyone know if there are in fact gyms that currently accept crypto as a payment method? TIA.

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Unfortunately, the majority of gyms in the US currently don't accept crypto payments. Some exceptions to this are Equinox (a luxury gym brand), Chrono CrossFit, and the Movement Minneapolis Gyms. If you aren't geographically close to these gyms, you can get yourself a crypto debit card and spend your crypto that way. These debit cards work just like regular cards, only that the process crypto payments and turn them into fiat at the moment of purchase.

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