What are the advantages of using crypto to bet on horse races?

Asked 2 months ago

Me and my friends have been betting on horse races for a long time, but I have recently heard through a friend of a friend that it is now possible to bet using crypto. TBH, I am a bit hesitant to start using crypto for betting. Has anyone started betting using crypto? Are there any benefits associated with this?

Filip Dimkovski

Thursday, December 01, 2022

Paying with crypto (whether it's at a casino or any online merchant), has a lot of benefits over traditional payment methods - the biggest one is that none of your payment data gets exposed. This means that you won't have to leak your first and last name, your credit card number, as well as any other personal details (like your address) that might be required during the payment process. If you care about privacy, then paying with crypto is definitely a good move to make.

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